Where do I start with health and fitness

How to Start Your Fitness Journey for Beginners

We are sharing the knowledge and plan for the beginners which are helpful for them to improve their fitness.


Exercise is crucial for all of us to maintain our everyday health and feel relaxed. But besides, as everyone is a worker and he or she remains busy with daily life activities or jobs, there is a challenging task for everyone to do every day at a regular time. So by noticing these significant problems, we need strategies that help you make proper exercise routines for the best health. On the other hand, this article also supports and is considerable for those who want to exercise but do not know where or what steps they can take to do so.


The primary purpose of exercise is to remain fit and healthy or free from obesity. In contrast, the other primary and essential benefit is that exercisers will remain free from the central disease that ordinary men may have if they do not exercise regularly. Exercise will do a lot to change our lifestyle by improving our health and fitness.

Kind of exercise:


This type of exercise mostly belongs to yoga, which helps your muscles remain free from pain, and you can also control your emotions at different occlusions.


These types of exercises will help improve the working and stability of the muscle.


It may also be known as “cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise may help to remain free from diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes through weight maintenance, improved mood, increased lung capacity, and gradual progression.


This type of exercise is all about our bodies’ weight loss.

From where we start:

Move to a health caretaker: if you want to improve your health, then you may need any type of healthcare taker who notices your health daily and gives you proper guidance.

Plan your exercise.
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Before exercising daily, you must develop proper strategies that help improve your health. In the first few days, make up the plan to move and run in a small way, at least two kilometers, and move towards the way. You make plans daily by increasing your speed and walking distance and by noticing your routine.

Exercise daily:

First, you start your exercise and then go through it daily; it mostly depends on the exercise plan. Most people do not plan very well, and they start exercising with high emotions on the first day and move and run at long distances, which highly disturbs their daily life routines and makes them feel sick and in pain. That’s why their bodies did not allow them to exercise the next day because of the pain. So set your plans according to your body condition, which may allow you to act on them daily.

Plan for exercise for a week:

As seen below, we try to make the best weekly plan to remain fit.

Monday: 5 push-ups run slowly and cover a distance of about 1.5 km.

Tuesday: the next day, boost your speed, walk entirely for 20 minutes, and do 15 push-ups.

Wednesday: On the third day now, increase your walking speed and add 5 push-ups.

Thursday: walk generally up to 2km with the addition of 10 sit-ups and 10 high jumps with 10 push-ups.

Friday: repeat the same strategies that you may have applied in the previous days.

Saturday: first, run at high speed for 30 minutes, and when you are moving back, then move in the style of jogging; at the end, add 10, 10, and 10 push-ups, stand-ups, and high-jumps, respectively.

Sunday: Move towards a doctor or physical health care provider for your weekly routine check. Which signs suggest that you may have seen any improvement in your health? And also, check out any type of injury.


Focus on your diet.

Your diet plan is one of the most critical factors for freshmen, so make it fit. Take a lot of water the whole day and a proper nutrient plan.

Exercise according to your body condition:

During the exercise, if you feel burdened, then change your posture according to your body condition. If you notice any activity that causes pain or injury, let it go.

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