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 Most people use different types of foods and don’t have proper plans because they don’t know the classification of the food, so they lose their health. Based on category, we gave the best 1-week meal plan.

Here in this article, we are trying to give knowledge about the different types of food and their classification and how long these can use efficiently and also give the plane for a healthy meal. Because people don’t know which food should better for the best health and what is the best duration of their use. They may try after their expiry date. So by noticing these points, we are trying to give you the best and most healthy meat plan.
So different types of foods commonly used by every person and may be present everywhere around us are mentioned below with their duration means during which of the time these are used and best for their health.

1. wheat, rice, and maize:

If we discuss these types of food which every person uses, then these types of the food remain for a long time besides that these food become unhealthy and effective. There is a need to check properly these types of food with the passage of time, if any changes may occur in them, then not to use them. It is good enough to store these foods for 8 to 10 months. After that, many changes will occur in them, which may affect different types of people according to their body conditions.

2. Fresh foods:

Fresh food must be needed to remain under the 22o c. because, at this temperature can maintain its original condition below, and after that temperature, these types of food will lose their ability of fresh; these are not able to be used and become unhealthy.

3. beef, fish, and poultry:

Most families with these habits may store food like beef, fish, and poultry for many days and use them even after months. So it’s not good enough for the health of the person or family to use the stored food because these types of food will not be acceptable after 24 hours. They may lose their originality and become unhealthy. So if you want to remain healthy and robust, use these types of food in one day.

4. leafy vegetables:

The green vegetable can be used for a long duration, like the week of the stage they may be used. But after that, if they are used, they may affect the health and fitness of the person, so there are many chances of falling into the disease.

5. Fruits:

The duration of the fruits in which they may remain healthy for the person is the first twenty days. If the person should use the fruits which come in the market according to the season, then it is the best time of the first twenty days these may be present in the best and healthy quality.

6. Root crops:

Root crops should be used within 7 to 50 days.

7. naturally or artificially dried fruits:

The dry fruits present everywhere these foods can be used for a long duration, one year. This food can use them for a long term, which may have the ability to give fitness to a person. After that, if it may be present for a long time. Whereas the other mentioned food has a short duration of their acceptance.
So by noticing these points here, we are giving you the best healthy plan which may be workable for you to remain healthy.

One week healthy and balanced meal plan ideas:

On the first day (day 1):

For breakfast time:

  • Fruit of the grapes should be used in one quantity
  • Two eggs
  • Wheat toast should be adequately 90%, and take only one slice.
  • These all may contain the different types of protein, fat, calories, as well as carbohydrates in the 18, 11, 327, and 41 grams of macronutrients are present in it.
    Chicken breast
  • Salad of the large garden
  • One cup of the carrots
  • Hummus which may be three the tablespoon, must be
  • Only half of the bread pita piece should be used


  •   Broccoli
  • Brown rice
  • Halibut
  • These are in different quantities, like 1-cup, 1-cup, and 4-ounce portions.
    If you try this one of the planes for seven days, you must notice that your body’s health and fitness get some of the improvements in them.

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