7 day military diet plan

7 day military diet plan

Being fit and healthy is everyone’s dream. But in this period world, it is not easy to maintain your physique because our diets are converted from fresh and healthy to processed and fried. Moreover, our stress levels have significantly increased, and almost all of us are suffering from a disturbed sleep cycle. This leads to unhealthy weight gain and destroys the physique of a person.
People lose weight in days if they follow a strict diet for a week. It is also called a military diet. 


This diet includes seven days, which are further divided into two portions. The first round is 3 days, which is a rigorous round and the one in which you will lose significant weight. 
The second round is of remaining 4 days, which is less restricted than the first round. You are also allowed to have some snacks to fulfil your cravings.

Often followed by:

This diet is usually applied in army or cops training, and some people do opt for this too if they want to attend some party or event and want to fit in a specific dress.
Let’s explore what is the menu of this military diet.

Calorie intake:

An average person needs 2000-3200 calories per day. Still, in this diet, a meal is taken in which a person will have only 12_1400 calories for the first three days and 1300_1700 in the remaining days.


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Day one Military diet:

Breakfast : 

For breakfast, the first item you can eat is a fruit, especially grapefruit. It is very beneficial for weight loss.
You can have roasted brown bread, and you can eat it with simple butter or peanut butter on it. Make sure not to use more than 2 tablespoons. 
With that, you can take a glass of water with chia seeds in it, or you can have half cup of tea without sugar.


you can take just one toast followed by a small cup of tuna. 
Half a cup of black coffee will help you to control your hunger.
Make sure you are not dehydrated. Drink almost 8 glasses of water per day.


For dinner, Increase the protein ratio and have one bowl of meat or chicken with half a cup of boiled green beans in it.
You can also eat one fruit like an apple or a banana to kill sweet cravings.
For day two, you have to eat one slice of brown bread toast and one boiled egg.
You can eat half grapefruit or one apple followed by intake of a glass of chia seeds water.
For lunch, you can eat two boiled eggs with some cottage cheese on them.
4_5 saltine crackers and half a cup of hot water or black coffee, as this will boost the metabolism.
For dinner, the protein ratio will be higher, and you can have two sausages but not in a bun.
You also need to have some vegetables like half a cup of carrot and broccoli. You can even make a salad of these vegetables and sausage.
In the end, you can have a banana or an apple.
10 ounces of cheddar or cottage cheese with 5 saltine crackers.
Then, eat an apple and drink a cup of black coffee without sugar.
Intake of sugar during this diet is strictly not allowed.
A slice of bread toast and a boiled egg or air-fried as you like with some pepper on it.
you can take a small bowl or half a cup of tuna with half of a banana.
You can also take 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.
This was the first round in which more protein intake and less fat intake were focused. In these 3 days, only 11,1400 calories were taken per day.
Now, the remaining 4 days are followed with less strictness, but you are not allowed to eat guilt-free. You can have healthy snacks for the evening, too, and you can increase your meal portions too, but to a limit.



Half a cup of green herb tea
3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt, but make sure it is unsweetened and with 5_6 almonds in it.
Mid-morning snack
half a glass of lemon water or lemonade but without any sugar or sweetener in it


one piece of roasted chicken
small bowl of brown rice with one cup of boiled vegetables in it.
Evening snacks
You can have one stick or a low-fat hummus celery stick for afternoon snacks.
For dinner 
Half a plate of grilled salmon with one cup of boiled vegetables except potatoes.
One cup of lemonade without sugar
you can have a smoothie of banana and raspberries with a 1:1 ratio.
You have to follow the remaining days with this day 4 plan.
For vegan people
For vegan people, they can replace chicken with lentils or protein-full pulses. 
A 7-day military diet gives you instant weight loss, but it is not healthy at all. It is just a water loss and is short term as you are not losing fat. When you start eating in your regular routine, you will gain double the weight, and thus, the diet is not suitable for everyone. So it is always recommended to follow a complete 2_3 2-month diet plan to lose weight and also do exercises.

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