Which 2 demographic factors influence the consumption of health care

Which 2 demographic factors influence the consumption of health care

Health is a major factor of our life. But many factors affect healthcare consumption in our society. Those reasons need to be allowing people to receive proper health care coverage.


Many factors are responsible for the reason that people are not consuming healthcare facilities. Two of them will be discussed in this article.
Financial status

Age influencing the consumption of healthcare facilities

Age is important in determining how healthcare facilities are used by people. In this world, people of different ages are present and have different healthcare requirements. So, how age influences the health care consumption is described below.
Health care requirements
As mentioned above, healthcare requirements are different for different age groups. For example, a young boy will not need regular checkups as an old one and a newborn need. So this factor is very important.
A baby or a younger person needs a normal check. Still, an older one will visit the hospital due to some serious issue.

Visiting parents:

Different age group people have different patterns of checkups.
For example, young people will only need to visit hospitals when they have any injuries or some random emergency. Still, infants and older adults must make regular doctor appointments for a proper routine.

Care and preventions:

Age plays an important role in health maintenance. Every age group needs a different level of care.
For example, a young person only needs extra care if they are suffering from some disease otherwise. Other they don’t need that.
But a baby and an aged person will need constant care whether they feel good. So, in this regard, they have to visit healthcare centers regularly.

Financial status:

Financial status depends greatly on health care consumption because if you can’t afford the treatment, how will you avail it.
This is the bitter reality of this modern era. A wealthy person can have good quality health care services, but a poor person can’t have it, and they leave their disease untreated and die due to this.

Access to healthcare facilities

Financial status depends greatly on a person’s access to healthcare facilities. A stable and rich person can avail of all types of health facilities easily and immediately. People with good financial status have better healthcare treatments than those with lower financial status.

Insurance of health

People with high economic and social status can avail of health care insurance. Health care insurance allows people to have lifetime access to health facilities. For this, they have to buy a package. People with good status buy a package having access to every possible health facility. But if we observe, a person with moderate financial status cannot afford this while handling other financial burdens of life.


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Education is a factor that depends greatly on health consumption. An educated person will understand the matters of health more deeply.
Preventive behavior:
Education and a stable economic status influence the preventive behavior in a person. An educated and well-settled person will try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, consulting a dietitian and going to the gym daily. They are even more understanding of how screen time affects our bodies and try to convert their free time into healthy leisure time.
Risk of Chronic health issues
People with lower economic status have a risk of Chronic health issues because they can’t afford the expensive treatment. They keep ignoring the issue, and ultimately, it becomes chronic.
Steps of avoiding these issues:
These issues can be resolved by making these facilities available without discrimination. So, some of the solutions are written below.
When policies are made, this should be focused on the fact that healthcare facilities are the right of everyone, so everyone should have equal access to every healthcare service. For this, the government should work to make more programs to provide a better level of health care service to everyone, increasing health care resources and Medicaid.
Education is very important to make people aware of a healthy lifestyle and early treatment of a disease. So the government should make reforms to educate people in this regard.
The government should pay attention to this factor that the health of every person is very important and due to very expensive packages of insurance most of the people can’t afford it so it should be made in the range so that everyone can buy a package and have availability of a proper health care system lifetime.
This should be promoted so that people with lower financial status can be helped properly at the health care and domestic levels.
So, health care coverage is very important for the sound health of every person, and this is the major point of focus because it can save many lives. So, the government should make reforms to make health facilities better.

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