Which health risk is associated with tanning beds

Which health risk is associated with tanning beds

This is the era in which everyone is beauty-obsessed. Some people want a fair complexion, and some want a tan complexion. They are using artificial ways to satisfy their obsession, unaware of how harmful these ways are to their skin.
This article discusses the risks of tanning beds. Tanning beds are artificial sunlight chambers that work to tan the skin artificially. They are not actual sunlight but artificially bombarded ultraviolet rays. They do tan our skin temporarily but make us exposed to diseases permanently.
This article will contain complete information about the risks of tanning beds, why we should avoid them, and their alternatives.

Health risks:

Tanning your skin artificially by exposing the body to tanning beds is an open invitation to diseases like skin cancer, blindness, immune system inactivity etc.

Skin Cancer:

The disease caused by tanning beds is skin cancer. The skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays are a carcinogen. They cause cancer by damaging the skin’s DNA and causing gene mutations, leading to cancer. It can also cause melanoma, carcinoma etc.
Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to our skin and have the same carcinogens as tobacco. So imagine how much damage it will cause to your skin.

Early Aging:

Tanning beds not only cause cancers but are also responsible for early aging. Early aging means that our skin starts getting wrinkles earlier than the time. It is because when our face is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it damages the DNA, collagen, and skin elasticity.

Eye illness:

Eye illness
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As ultra-violent rays are very harmful and have the greatest penetration power, your eyes are still exposed to ultraviolet rays even if you wear protective glasses on tanning beds. Tanning beds have so many disadvantages, and one of them is eye problems. Due to exposure to direct ultraviolet rays, eyes can catch any infection. They can get red and itchy, and if you take regular sessions, it can even cause blindness. This happens because ultraviolet rays cause damage to the eye’s most sensitive part, the eye cornea, which causes eye problems.
Immune system gets weak
Regular sessions of tanning beds can cause weakness in your immune system. 
Disturbed mental health
When this obsession starts getting out of limit, it can be psychologically affected. People are so passionate about looking perfect that they keep ignoring the harm they are causing themselves because of the regular sessions of tanning beds.
These are the issues caused by tanning beds. 
Natural ways or alternative ways of tanning
You can have your temporary skin tanning by using some products that are not harmful to you in later life. 

Tanning products

You can use tanning products instead of using any tanning beds. They contain DHA, which tans the body temporarily for some time without penetrating into the skin and then blood. It is a very safe option to look tanned without exposure to direct ultraviolet rays. You can use tanning lotion or cream but always consult your doctor first. So, for more safety measures, apply them on a small patch of your skin to test.


Using makeup to give a tan look is the safest way to temporarily have a tan look. You can contour your jawline, nose, and neck for a more tanned look.
Sun basking
Having natural sunlight is also a natural way to have tanned skin. But you must remember that the sunlight should be in the morning at 10 am. After 10 am, the sunlight is very strong and contains harmful ultraviolet rays, so avoid sun Basking after 10 am till 4 pm. The best time for sun Basking is 5 am in the morning. Apply sunscreen on your body and lie on a mat in direct sunlight. It will tan your skin. It will provide vitamin D to your bones. Vitamin D is an essential for our body. It strengthens our bones and makes them more strong. Vitamin D is also very beneficial for the skin. It helps skin cells to stay glowing and healthy. 
So avoid using tanning beds as they can cost your life for beauty. You can opt for some other alternatives for having tanned skin. Using tanning products and sun Basking is recommended. Using natural ways for tanning is the best method to have brown-toned skin. Makeup causes damage to the skin but in very small amounts. Sun basking, makeup, and creams are the best alternatives to tanning beds. Always take care of your skin and avoid taking any procedures like tanning bed sessions.

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