Which of the following is a government health care program

Which of the following is a government health care program

Many government healthcare programs are running worldwide, trying their best to make access to healthcare possible for everyone.
Every program is doing its best and has its pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss which government health care programs are running in the world and trying to help people and their strategies to maintain their working.

Government health care program:

Nation health service (NHS):

National Health Service is a program in the United Kingdom. This program helps people to get medical aid, and they try to give access to every person. They don’t have any discrimination of race, financial status, color or age.
These programs ensure access to basic health care services to all residents. This program is influenced by tax. This program includes hospital care, doctor care, etc.


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Medicare is a program working under the government for health services. This program is in the United States and is under the government of a country. This program has some limitations as it just provides medical care to old age people or people above the age of 65 years.
It also provides health care services to young people and those with serious issues like disability.
It has 4 basic parts of service, which are listed below

Hospital insurance

This includes inside-hospital patient care and providing excellent nursing staff with some home care services.

Medical insurance

Which includes outpatient care services, medical supplies etc.
Advantage plans
Other ways to have medical care services from private insurance companies.
Helps to have prescription drugs
This program has been very successful, but it has some limitations, too: rising costs create hurdles for people to afford Medicare.

Canada Health Act (CHA)

Canada Health Act (CHA) is a government-affiliated health care program in Canada. This program makes sure that all the residents of Canada have basic health care coverage. They try their best to make maximum healthcare procedures affordable so everyone can afford them.
This program is supported by taxation, and provinces are responsible for its administration.
Canada Health Act is trying its best to give universal healthcare facilities all over Canada. Sometimes, late funding is also an obstacle the Canada Health Act faces.


As discussed earlier, Medicare is a program in the United States but for older people. In contrast, the United States has another government healthcare program called Medicaid.
This program is for those people who have low Income. This program serves those families and individuals who cannot afford expensive hospitals.
This program provides the residents a maximum number of healthcare facilities and ensures everyone has equality. This program provides doctor visits and prescriptions, pregnancy and maternity cases, and this program also provides long-term treatments to those who are eligible for this. This program is successful for its flexibility to solve all the health care issues and to fulfill all the medical needs of people. Still, it needs some help with medical supplies and other mandatory products.
Program for children health and insurance (SCHIP)
 This program provides health care services to poor and needy children who cannot afford Medicaid services and suffer from major issues like disability or fatal diseases.
This program tries its best to provide every possible medical aid to children who can’t afford insurance for their treatments. This program has been applied in other countries because of its benefits.
This program is for children who exceed the Medicaid eligibility criteria but are at the poverty level. This program provides help to these children and makes sure their lives are saved.
Australia also has a government healthcare program called Medicare.
This program is famous for its vigilant and active work and for providing all the possible medical aid to all the people of Australia.
This program has some drawbacks, such as financial issues in the cost of medicines and drugs.
Ultimately, it is concluded that every government-affiliated program in each county is trying its best to provide every possible medical help to the people. These were only a few medical programs. The world has an ample number of government-affiliated programs for health care that are working greatly to help residents of their country. Health is a blessing from our creator. We should help others. We must take care of everyone, and the best way of doing this is to provide healthcare services to a maximum number of people so that they can live a healthy life.

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