Which health problem results from a folate deficiency

Which health problem results from a folate deficiency

Folate deficiency leads to many diseases, people ignore it because folate deficiency has no symptoms at the start.
Folate is necessary for our body and is also known as vitamin B9. It regulates the proper working of our body.
Folate can be obtained from diet. Folate supplements are also available.

Importance of folate in life:

Folate is an essential vitamin for the body. It’s deficiency causes many issues for a person. It affects the brain development, pregnancy, and many other things.  You only came to know when it causes some serious issues. 
Folate is water-soluble. It cannot stay in our body for longer, so it is necessary to take it regularly in the diet.


Folate deficiency causes serious diseases. Some of those are discussed below.

Pregnancy issues

Pregnancy issues
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Deficiency of folate results in pregnancy issues. Folate has a function to increase the release of hormones. That’s why taking folate supplements before and during pregnancy is always recommended. Folate is essential to take during pregnancy, too. This helps the baby’s complete brain and spinal cord development. 
Folate deficiency causes many health issues in newborn babies. That’s why a girl needs to add folate diet and supplements to her daily routine.

Neural tube defects

As discussed earlier, folate deficiency can cause issues in newborn babies. Neural tube defects are the most common problem caused by the lack of folate in women. This disease is also abbreviated as NTDs. Due to folate deficiency, NTDs are very severe brain and spinal cord issues in babies. These issues are named as Spine bifida and anencephaly. A pregnant woman should take folate supplements regularly.


Anemia is a blood deficiency disease caused by a deficiency of folate. Folate is needed for producing red blood cells, and its lack can cause Megaloblastic anemia. If your body lacks folate, the production of red blood cells will be disturbed, and abnormally large blood cells will be produced. These large red blood cells cannot carry proper oxygen to the body, and that’s why anemic patients always feel fatigue and weakness.
So, adding folate supplements or folate-containing food to your life is essential.

Heart diseases

Folate is essential for heart health. Lack of folate in the body can cause cardiovascular diseases as folate helps to regulate the normal range of homocysteine levels. Folates work to convert homocysteine into a less harmful substance. Suppose folate is not present in the body. In that case, homocysteine levels will Increase, and the risk of heart disease will increase Ultimately.

Cognitive issues

Folate deficiency causes cognitive impairment and diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.
Serotonin and dopamine are the hormones that are responsible for memory and mood. Folate helps in the proper regulation of these hormones. So it is another reason to take folate regularly.

Depression issues

Folate is responsible for hormone release and majorly for hormones responsible for happiness and relaxation. If folate is absent, hormone regulation will be automatically affected.
Folate is responsible for the production of the SAME hormone. A hormone that is specifically responsible for mood swings. So, a decreased folate level can cause depression and sadness for no reason.

Gut problems

As discussed earlier, folate is crucial for adequately working our body. Suppose someone faces issues like diarrhea, stomach ache, digestive problems, and disturbed bowel movement. In that case, this can be due to stress or depression caused by a folate deficiency. So, folate deficiency is also responsible for gastrointestinal issues.

Solutions or preventions

Folate deficiency is very dangerous. Here are some ways to fulfill your body’s folate deficiency and live a healthy life.

Diet maintenance

Make sure your diet contains folate. This is a very safe and natural way to fulfill folate deficiency. Folate is present primarily in green vegetables like spinach and legumes, and it is also present in avocado.

Taking supplements can help.

If you are facing severe folate deficiency, it can not be fulfilled only by a proper diet. You also need to take folate supplements regularly. They are also beneficial for unmarried and married girls.
Avoid drinking alcohol
Alcohol is hazardous to health and causes a very severe sort of folate deficiency. Even if you take diet and folate supplements, alcohol is strong enough to suppress their effect. So it’s necessary to avoid any harmful drink like alcohol.
Always discuss your medical condition with a doctor
Suppose you are suffering from any disease or any vitamin allergy. Discussing this issue with a doctor before starting a folate-containing diet and supplements is essential.

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