Which Medicare Advantage plans cover home health care 

Which Medicare Advantage plans cover home health care 

Medicare has different parts, and one of them is also known as Medicare Advantage plans. It is part c of Medicare, specifically for older adults who want treatment in their comfort zone and cannot visit medical centers regularly due to illness or mobility issues.
Medicare Advantage Plan provides services more than the original Medicare can.
In Medicare, only those people can provide home services that fulfill specific criteria. Still, the Medicare Advantage plan is available to all old age people who feel depressed in the hospital and want to get treatment on their own and want to spend their time with family. This plan doesn’t only provide medical assistance. In fact, it also offers medical aids like helping them maintain personal hygiene, exercise, therapy to reduce depression, etc.

What is home health care?

Home health care benefits older adults who want an independent life away from the hospital. It has been proved that a person recovers 60 Percent more in their own space compared to a hospital because stress is the main factor in healing any disease.
Older adults always prefer to stay in their homes and eat home-cooked food. Home health care includes many services like efficient nursing staff, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and helping them with their personal chores like dressing and bathing. 

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage plans provide more facilities and coverage than the original Medicare program.
The difference between them is written below
Medicare original program
Original Medicare provides home-based health care services in only some specific circumstances. Suppose the person is eligible for that criteria. In that case, the Medicare program will provide the patient with 100 percent free-of-cost home-based health services.

Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage plans provide services double the range provided by original Medicare. They are available for every senior person and are willing to provide medical and nonmedical assistance for the patient to make their life easier. But in this regard, you have to pay some amount because they give every facility at home, from regular doctor visits to personal hygiene.
Medicare Advantage plans have some programs that provide home health care services. These plans are explained below.
HMO plans
This is called a health maintenance organization plan. This plan allows the patient to choose their doctor, and they also provide home-based health care services, which include all the basic needs from nursing staff to daily assistance.
PPO plans
Also known as the preferred provider organization plan. This plan allows the patient to reach in and out network providers without any referrals. This plan has more vast services and is suitable for those who want more services at their place.


This is a program for special needs. This is for those suffering from very severe conditions and are also eligible for Medicare services. Medicare Advantage plans help them to have more facilities at home according to their condition.

PFFS plans

private fee for a service plan
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This is called a private fee for a service plan. This plan ensures how much a doctor will be paid and how much a patient will pay. They provide more enhanced services, including therapies to reduce patients’ stress.


It stands for chronic special needs plan. This plan is provided to patients suffering from some chronic illness who need prolonged treatment with exceptional care at their home.

Which Medicare Advantage plan should we choose?

To choose a perfect Medicare Advantage plan, ensure they provide all the services you need at home. Some facts to consider while choosing a Medicare Advantage plan are mentioned below. 
Make sure the program you choose is within your chosen plan’s network. If you select an out-of-network method, their efficiency will be insignificant.
Check the reviews and comments about the plan you are going to choose. Always check the co-payment and other matters before selecting any Medicare Advantage plan.
Check the cost
Whenever you are choosing a health plan. Select the one that is within your affordable range. Calculate the co-payment, primary payment, and other expenses, and then select a program according to that.
Check benefits
Check the benefits provided by the plan. Some plans do provide medicine and drugs, even free therapy. So it’s essential to select the one that has more advantages.
Medicare Advantage plans give seniors maximum healthcare services and help them spend their lives efficiently and comfortably. This plan is successful for its efficiency and satisfied patients. This plan has diverse services and assistance for the patient and their family, and people prefer them more than Medicare for old age people. This plan is very suitable for those who have a busy family to take care of. Medicare Advantage Plan is a trusted program that treats patients politely and with love.

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